Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC includes female Turians

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Mass Effect fans have always been asking for female aliens. They wanted to see female Krogan. They wanted female Salarians. They wanted female Turians. They wanted female Hanar. What, they didn’t want that last one? Nevermind then. Anyways, people wanted to see aliens of all races and genders, and Mass Effect 3 mostly delivered by allowing us to see Eve, a female Krogan, and deal with a Salarian Dalatress. Now, BioWare’s going all the way by including female Turians in the Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC.

As you can see from the early image at the right, female Turians actually look quite different than male Turians. Their pincers don’t seem to have the little pegs falling down below their chin, there’s no fringe and their faces are much narrower. I kinda think the female Turian looks more catlike, while the male Turian looks more dinosaur/hawk/cat-ish. Wow, I think that may have been the best description ever.

Word on the street has always been that the Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC would add a new party member to the team. Snooping suggested it would be a woman and fans figured she would take up residence in what used to be Thane’s room on the Normandy. Until now, smart money was on Aria being the next party member if it was real, but maybe now we should be wondering if another Turian will join our crew. A female Turian party member would be just as interesting as Aria.

We’ll know for sure what’s happening soon. The Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC that will let us take back the station and do Aria a solid comes out on November 27, 2012 and will be $14.99/1,200 Microsoft Points. I’m planning on getting it, especially if there’s a PSN+ discount. Anyone else in?

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