Get even more Ragnarok on your PSP or Vita with Ragnarok Tactics

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PSP and Vita owners have something to look forward to tonight. There is a new strategic RPG available both on UMD and through the PlayStation Store. Prepare yourself for Ragnarok Tactics, which is a Final Fantasy Tactics style affair that’s inspired by the world of the MMO Ragnarok Online and Norse mythology.

Players get to create a custom character that is a member of the Toren Militia. Monsters have started infesting the world and the two major world powers, the Aura Republic and Branshaldo Empire, are in the midst of a war. You have to decide what to do and who to fight, while also gathering together allies. Manage your characters’ job classes and level up so you’re prepared for the major battles. If all goes well, you’ll get one of five different endings.

Ragnarok Tactics follows the tradition of recent PlayStation Store releases in that it’s cheaper as a download than it is on UMD. You’ll pay $24.99 for it through the PlayStation Store, but $29.99 at a brick-and-mortar store. That is, if you can find it. As this is an Aksys release, physical copies will eventually end up being pretty rare.

This is a good time for Ragnarok-inspired games. Last month we got Ragnarok Odyssey from XSEED, and now we get Ragnarok Tactics from Aksys. I wonder what we’ll see next. Hopefully, it’ll be something good!

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