The most interesting thing about Curiosity is its players

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The ultimate goal in Curiosity is to be the lucky person to crack the final cube to expose the mystery video that lives inside. There are well over 40,000 people playing Curiosity on its first day, so the chances of you actually “winning” are virtually impossible. I know I probably won’t be that lucky, but my time with Curiosity isn’t powered by the thought of winning. I’m more interested in seeing what people can come up with when they’re essentially given a notepad that can be shared with the world.

Shortly after Curiosity‘s release on iOS on Monday night, its players immediately started creating images by chipping away at the miniature cubes. Naturally, phallic creations were among the first reported images. But as time went on, people started to share messages and less offensive images with everyone. When observed from a distance, every side of the Curiosity cube starts to resemble something not unlike abstract art. It contains an insight into the collective consciousness of Curiosity‘s players. We are determining how this simple cube will be remembered once it has been completely chipped away. We will determine its legacy. Will it be a giant portrait of global immaturity, or will it highlight what is possible when the world works together for a common cause? Let me share some of Curiosity‘s artwork with you.


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