Wii U Countdown: 11 days, and a Massive release change

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If you’re like all responsible Americans over the age of 18, you had one very simple thing to do today…get your waiver claims in place for your fantasy football league. But it ends up something else of tremendous importance popped up today: BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 is now officially a Wii U launch title. Not launch window, mind you, but launch day.

Mass Effect 3

Quite honestly, I wasn’t too familiar with the Mass Effect franchise before the brouhaha over its original ending that had many gamers torching the town square as I stood in the bell tower crying out, “Horrible endings are no big deal! My God, didn’t you people play Myst?!”

But Gamertell assistant editor Jenni Lada confessed to me one time that after she got Mass Effect 3 she played it from around 6pm to 4 or 5am the following morning. She had acceptable reasons, granted, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything for nearly 12 hours straight other than dig that hole out behind old man Fledderman’s shed, but you don’t need to know anymore about that.

Point is, is there any game out there good enough for me to dedicate that much time to in one sitting, were such a thing even possible? Don’t know. Curious to find out, I checked out some Mass Effect 3 game play videos today. Bad idea. Over the course of 15 seconds, I heard people shout out things like “Shoot ’em!” “Don’t let ’em grab you!” and “We’ve gotta find a way out of here!”

Mass Effect 3

All very helpful. Thanks. Good to know that if I’m ever in a battle against space aliens bent on taking over the planet, I’ll have someone around who will tell me 1.) it’s a good idea to kill them, and that this can be accomplished with high speed projectiles, 2.) Letting them get close enough to touch you is a bad idea, and 3.) Being someplace safe would be the safe thing to do.

But hey, it’s a video game right? You don’t buy it for the dialogue, you buy it for the partial nudity. I mean the RPG elements. The aforementioned Jenni commented on a previous Wii U Countdown article that Mass Effect 3 would be the first RPG for the Wii U, and it looks like she was right. So, I kind of have to check it out, right, considering my penchant for RPGs? I guess it’s a good thing I never looked into the details about the ending. No spoilers for me. And since the Wii U owners will get the Extended Cut and From Ashes DLC, it won’t even be an issue for us. Now Nintendo owners will know why we Mac gamers have never given two figs about getting games a year or two after PC players.

Mass Effect 3

Whether Mass Effect 3 will become my drop day purchase remains to be seen. There are plenty of other games in the Punch/Kill People/Things genre that have piqued my interest. But as we draw closer to the Wii U launch, it’s fantastic to see big names being added to the delivery list, not delayed.

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