Xbox Live Rewards doling out 10,000,000 Microsoft Points with the Halo 4 Combat Tour

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Microsoft’s whole Xbox Live Rewards program is going to pay off for some Halo 4 fans. Microsoft has decided to start doling out rewards, in the form of free Microsoft Points, to people who get obsessive over Halo 4. It has 10,000,000 Microsoft Points to give away to people playing Halo 4 multiplayer in addition to a general bonus for buying Halo 4 digital content from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The affair is called the Halo 4 Combat Tour, which is fitting considering how much work you’ll have to do to get it.

Let’s start with the easiest way to get free Microsoft Points during the Halo 4 Combat Tour. Be aware, however, that this is also the most costly. You can earn 100 or 200 free Microsoft Points by buying Halo content from Xbox Live. It doesn’t even have to be Halo 4 content. It just has to be related to the Halo series in general. You could get maps for Halo Reach, avatar items from Halo 3 or even a Halo theme. You could even buy one of the previous games from Games on Demand. If you spend 1,500 MSP on Halo content, you get 100 MSP free. Up that to 3,000 MSP to get 200 MSP. Like I said, it’s expensive and you don’t get that great of a reward out of it.

Taking part in Halo 4 multiplayer matches is the second way to get free Microsoft Points through the Halo 4 Combat Tour. You basically have to offer up 35, 70 or 140 hours of your life to get a handful of MSP. (If you’re curious, that comes out to a day and a half, about three days and almost six days.) Do so and you’ll earn 100 MSP, 300 MSP or 600 MSP.

The Halo 4 Combat Tour is a one month affair and there really are only 10,000,000 Microsoft Points to give away. You have to either play the required number of multiplayer hours or make the specified purchases before November 30, 2012 to get free Microsoft Points. If Microsoft runs out of Microsoft Points by the time you do either, you get nothing. If you did do everything right and were among the first to get things done, then your free Microsoft Points will be added to your account by December 31, 2012.

The real question is if the Halo 4 Combat Tour worth it. I’d say no to the purchases part., simply because you aren’t getting enough back to make up for how much you’re spending. The multiplayer offer is better though, as I’m sure there are plenty of die-hard Halo 4 fans who were already planning to spend that much time with the multiplayer.

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