The Curiosity cube loses its first layer

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It took a little over 24 hours for Curiosity players to chip away at the cube’s first layer. The new layer is green, and under that rests the third layer which is red. If new and existing players continue to play Curiosity with the same frequency, it’ll take less than 24 hours for the second layer to be removed.

Let’s take a look at some stats. At the time of this writing, Curiosity has 196,925 total users and 10,352 concurrent users. Collectively, the community has destroyed 102,350,741 individual cublets. That averages out to around 259 destroyed cublets by each user within 24 hours. The cube’s current layer has over 98 million cublets remaining.

And now for my own stats. For reasons outlined in my previous Curiosity post, I’ve contributed to the disintegration of 12,935 cublets. What? That’s normal right?

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