Black Friday 2012: Shrapnel Games’ November sale has decent discounts

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The best advantage to being an indie developer publisher is you can have a sale anytime you want, preferably at a time when nobody else is having a sale. Shrapnel Games knows this well, with sales at times when it seems nobody else seems ready to cut prices. It’s no surprise that Shrapel would use a clever strategy, as strategy games are their main focus.

Their November 2012 sale covers the company’s more serious (but narrowly focused) wargames and, as an added bonus, customers who buy $50 or more worth of stuff get an extra 10% discount if they use the coupon code NOVFIFTY, although the codes only good until November 15, 2012. Buy now, and just pretend you bought it on Thanksgiving, so you have something better to do than go shopping on Black Friday.

Shrapnel Games’ biggest title by far is Domininions 3: The Awakening, a fantasy strategy war game that shows how great a computer game can be when you spend more time on the design than on the graphics. I’ve played many games in the genre, but this is the one I always want to come back to, even though it’s years old. A gamer could do much worse than spend $25 on this gem.

Perhaps its #2 title, at least for me, is Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa, from the obscure but loved genre of “Roguelike” games (named after an old ASCII game called Rogue) where it’s just you against the dungeon.  What sets Scallywag apart from others like it is the complete customization options, it’s as much a game as it is a Roguelike game construction kit, making it a good title for folks wanting to get some experience with game design.

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