Capcom’s Okami hoodie makes you look like Amaterasu

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On the hunt for holiday gifts for the special gamer in your life? (Or yourself?) Good. Capcom has got a pretty good one coming to the Capcom Store soon. It’s that hooded sweatshirt up there that’s all Amaterasu style. People can don an Okami hoodie that will bestow the distinctive markings of our favorite Sun Goddess.

As you can see, the hoodie has Amaterasu’s head on the hood, her shoulder markings on the arm and the Divine Instrument on the back. We don’t know what sizes it will be available in or the price yet, as Capcom didn’t decide to share that information. We’ll have to wait a few days until the Okami hoodie shows up in the Capcom Store. As a frame of reference, a standard Capcom hoodie goes for $39.95.

Capcom did decide to share an Okami‘s Creed video in which a staff member goes around Capcom’s headquarters, trying to be stealthy and assassin-y.

I feel there is a need for a disclaimer, however. As cool and detailed as the Okami hoodie is, it will not bestow upon you the powers of the Celestial Paintbrush. You need to attend an eight week course at your local college for that.

Know what would make a great gift for someone this holiday season? Get them this Okami hoodie and the $9.95 Okamiden Chibiterasu keychain. It’ll be a one-two punch of adorable awesomeness and will truly make you a gift-giving hero or heroine.

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