EA will add TwitchTV streaming and more in upcoming Origin update

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Twitch recently announced a partnership with Sony Online Entertainment that will allow players to easily stream their Planetside 2 gameplay on TwitchTV. EA now wants to get in on the action by bringing Twitch integration to its Origin digital distribution service. EA will push this update out to its users in the coming days.

Streaming to Twitch from Origin will be a simple process. Simply pressing Shift+F1 will bring up a row of icons for Origin. When you click on the camera icon, you’ll be able to sign in to your Twitch account and begin broadcasting.

EA doesn’t mention picture-in-picture support for its Twitch integration, but that could change in a later update.

EA will also enable users to add non-Origin games to Origin. You’ll be able to broadcast all those games on Twitch as well.

Source [EA]

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