Bullet-Point Preview: Skyfall movie

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I attended a sneak preview of the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, this evening (November 7, 2012). I did notice that the audience skewed much older than typical sneak previews but that may be because this is the 50th anniversary of franchise.

As usual, I’ll not post a review until the film’s official release (November 9, 2012) but, in its stead, here’s a slightly enigmatic, purposefully partially vague yet point-on bullet-point preview of Skyfall directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig (as James Bond, a.k.a. 007), Judi Dench (M), Javier Bardem (Silva), Naomie Harris (Eve),  Ralph Fiennes (Gareth Mallory) and Ben Whishaw (Q).

  • An action-packed opening sequence? Check.
  • A trippy CG video with lots of water effects, sexy lady silhouettes and a song that hauntingly echoes the movie’s visual elements and maybe even a small plot point? Check.
  • James Bond driving an unusual vehicle in an unusual place? Check.
  • Exotic locations? Check.
  • Smootching sexy ladies? Check.
  • Super creepy villain? Check.
  • High-tech weapons? Check-ish.
  • Government officials with single-letter names? Check.
  • Fancy cars? Check. (Ejector seat? Maybe…)
  • You’ll see it shaken (not stirred).
  • WTF is a “Skyfall?” You’ll find out later.
  • If you feel old, you should. Pretty much everyone else does.
  • Did I mention old?
  • Fifty years of Bond and… there’s that old theme, again.
  • “We’re going back in time.” Vroom!
  • M is for “Mom.” Or is it Emma?
  • Is that Dr. Who? Oh, it’s the new Q.
  • Did someone just say “Rosebud…”?
  • It’s Spy vs. Spy time.
  • The “new” MI6 is, you guessed it, “old.”
  • Shades of Mission Impossible (the Cruise movies) but don’t “NOC” it.
  • Is this another reboot or a re-reboot?
  • Things go boom. And then re-boom.
  • Big things crash.
  • Gettin’ back to the books…
  • …and to his roots.
  • A kinder, gentler super spy with a license to kill.
  • Kiss, kiss, bang, bang.
  • A few people die.
  • It’s a very British affair.
  • I swear there was an Austin Powers reference in there.
  • Only a few one-liner puns.
  • Some shades of Batman without the ears.
  • Everything new is old again. Or is it…!?
  • “James Bond will return.” No future movie name given.

Don’t be surprised if I add more later as I often do as I think of more points to, er, point out.

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