Need for Speed Movie cast and plot coming together

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Variety is reporting some of the details on DreamWorks upcoming Need for Speed movie. Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul will be the lead. He’s an underground racer who gets framed for his best friend’s murder and sent to prison. After he gets out, he seeks to clear his name and find the true killer. There will, no doubt, be lots of illegal street racing involved. Dominic Cooper of Captain America fame is in talks to play Dino, a former NASCAR driver who soups up supercars for racers.

The popular racing franchise has become one of EA’s most profitable endeavors. In fact, EA has gone to the alternating release schedule that puts out some form of Need for Speed game annually. Need for Speed: The Run, 2011’s installment, looked like a movie pitch in many ways. It told the story of a cross country race and had a protagonist on the run from both cops and criminals. In 2012, we get Criterion’s take on classic racer Most Wanted. The developer is most famous for its Burnout racing franchise. So far its games have been more critically acclaimed than other recent entries, such as The Run.

EA is looking to turn several of its games into movies, ranging from obvious ideas such as Need For Speed to a reported film about the Madden Curse. The rights to its racing hit appealed to studios looking for the next Fast and Furious movie series. Industry rumors had nearly every studio except Fast and Furious home Universal bidding on Need for Speed. Readers, does this cast and plotline get your motor running?

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    May as well call the movie “DEATH RACE PART 4″