Important Importables: 2012 Japanese novelty gift guide

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Good morning everyone! Sorry for the delay in this week’s Important Importables. Things happened. (Illness combined with Thanksgiving pack quite a one-two punch!) No worries now, as we’re here and ready to sort through some awesome Japanese novelties that would make fantastic gifts for someone you love. I’m counting you in that, because everybody loves themselves! I’ve rounded up a list of eight pretty cool, mostly gender neutral items of varying prices. Sift through and you may find one or two things that would be perfect for someone on your list. Or, if all else fails, you could always get the big box of Kit Kats and dressed-up mushroom mascots and give them away as stocking stuffers. Either way, this week’s Important Importables should make sure you’re prepared!

Link Figma
Price: $44 at AmiAmi
Description: Figma has created a new, fully articulated Link figurine based on the version of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Link comes with two faces, an attack effect for Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, extra hands and a stand.
Who would want it? People who love Legend of Zelda or collect action figures.

Necomimi Neurowear
Price: $99.95 at JBox
Description: The Necomimi Neurowear cat ear headbands “read” your brainwaves and will move in response to your current emotional status. So basically, it’s as close as you can get to real cat ears. You can also buy replacement ears (in case you want black ears or leopard ears instead of white) for $22.
Who would want it? People who go crazy over cosplay.

Japan Kit Kat Limited Collection
Price: $68 at JBox
Description: This is a box of love. You get two packages of 15 different Japan-exclusive flavors of Kit Kats for your loved one, giving them 30 packages of awesome chocolate wafers. Each flavor was originally only available in one area of Japan, so this is like giving someone a tour of Japan, Kit Kat style.
Who would want it? Chocolate lovers.

Touch Detective Mushroom Garden Namepita
Price: $27 at AmiAmi
Description: This is an assortment of mushroom mascots. Technically, one mushroom mascot – Funghi from Touch Detective. You get him dressed in different costumes, which you can then give away to people. They can then, in turn, stick them to their computer monitors, video game consoles, etc and be reminded of you and your weirdness.
Who would want it? People who like extremely weird, quirky, Japanese stuff. Or anthropomorphic mushrooms. Or, last of all, people who enjoyed the two Touch Detective DS games.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Soul Gem Rings
Price: $124 – $140 at Hobby Link Japan
Description: These silver rings are replicas of the Soul Gem Rings Madoka, Mami, Sayaka, Kyoko and Homura wear in Puella Magi Madoka Magica after making a contract with Kyubey. They are actual silver, which explains the rather high price.
Who would want it? People who want to make a “contract.” Yeah, that makes a lot more sense if you’ve actually seen the show. People who like the show might want one.

Rebuild of Evangelion silicon ice trays
Price: $10 at Hobby Link Japan
Description: These silicon ice trays allow you to add ice cubes shaped like the 4th, 5th, 6th or 10th Angels from Evangelion to your beverages.
Who would want it? Fans of Evangelion or people who spurn standard, cubed ice.

Star Wars Chop Saber Chopsticks
Price: $13.20 for the standard version and $19.90 for the lightup version at Strapya World
Description: These are little light sabers that you can use as chopsticks. Or, I guess you could say they’re chopsticks shaped like lightsabers. All I know is, whoever gets them will invariably use them as light sabers for their dolls, stuffed animals or pets.
Who would want it? People excited/upset about the recent Star Wars acquisition. Either way, their day will be brightened by mini light sabers!

Niconico Nekomura Cat Earphone Jack Plug
Price: $8.60 at Strapya World
Description: You’ve got a cat in your earphone jack! This is a little novelty accessory that you shove in your portable electronic device’s (phone/tablet/3DS/Vita/iOS device) to make it exactly 40% cuter. There are six different kittens to choose from. Mine is the Tama model, which is a kitten lying on it’s back, sleeping and drooling, as it fits on my Vita, phone, iPod or 3DS.
Who would want it? People who insist on having unique accessories or straps attached to their phone.

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