iHeartRadio launches radio station dedicated to Halo

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Need some tunes to kill alien enemies by? Clear Channel’s digital streaming service iHeart Radio has you covered with Master Chief Radio.  The station plays mostly rock, rap, R& B, dance and electronica. It features a mix of music ranging from Bob Dylan to the Beastie Boys. Master Chief Radio is available through the iHeartRadio mobile app, website and Xbox Live. According to iHeart Radio, the team at developer 343 Industries picked the tunes as music that inspired Halo 4.

iHeartRadio began in 2008, streaming to the iPhone and iPod touch. It arrived on Xbox Live as part of a December 2011 entertainment update. Clear Channel has been working hard to increase awareness of the brand, including an annual music festival. This partnership with Microsoft and Halo 4 is another high profile way to get iHeartRadio out there.

The sequel to the bestselling sci-fi shooter sold an estimated 3.1 million copies on its first day. It will move a few million more units during the holiday season. Hal0 4 is the first in the series not developed by Bungie, which became an independent studio after Halo: Reach. 343 Industries now holds the keys the Xbox’s signature franchise. Things are going pretty well so far.

The latest installment sees hero Master Chief battling new enemies called The Prometheans. They bring in a new set of challenges and weapons. It’s not just about saving the world, however. Master Chief’s AI ally Cortana has passed her eighth birthday. Her program is only supposed to last for eight years, so Master Chief also has to figure out how to save her “life,” so to speak.

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