Wii U Countdown: 9 days, Seahawks, lockouts and thou

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The great thing about the timing of the Wii U release is that it’s distracting me from the fact that the NHL players are still under lockout.

I mean, I’m not much of a sports guy, really. I’ve got no interest in baseball or basketball, I quit caring about soccer when a kid in my high school got kicked so hard in the junk that it broke one of his pelvic bones, and I had absolutely no interest in Tiger Woods until we learned of his affairs. You can see that, right?

“This is my friend, Tiger. He’s a great golfer.”

“This is my friend, Tiger. He’s sleeping with like 27 different women.”

What’s the better conversation starter there?

Anyway, when it comes to sports, I like the Seattle Seahawks and I like hockey, in that order. It stops there. I rarely watch football if the Seahawks aren’t playing (largely due to Chris Collinsworth), but I’ll take my loyalty to their logo well beyond my grave.

On the other hand, I can watch hockey no matter who’s playing…if they’re playing, that is. You likely haven’t noticed, but as I mentioned earlier, there’s an NHL lockout going on right now. I’d be okay with this if AHL games were broadcast in my area, but they’re not, even though the Lake Erie Monsters are just 45 minutes north of me. The Seahawks are rarely broadcast in my time zone, of course, so that leaves me with pretty much no sports to watch on the television set.

And so, the Wii U. I’ve always been more of a gamer than a sports fan, anyway, but when the hockey’s not there when the hockey should be there (almost, though, right guys?), what else would I turn to…TV?

Ha! Not until I get an official apology for the cancellation of Wonderfalls.

Lately, it’s been that final run-through of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance I told you about earlier. I’m on schedule now to have that completed just in time for the Wii U release, at which point I’ll switch over to ZombiU, Mass Effect 3, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, or whatever other game strikes my fancy. I considered a sports title to replace hockey, but the options aren’t there for me. FIFA Soccer 13 is the only big name sports title that’ll drop with the Wii U, and you know how I feel about soccer…can’t get interested in a game makes me think of my buddy A.J.’s busted up pelvic bones. Even these fellows in blue seem concerned.

Wii U FIFA 13Don’t blame ya, boys. Protect the goods at all times.

Madden NFL 13 is scheduled for release this month, likely by Black Friday if EA has their stuff together, but at this time of year I get enough of the real Seahawks to worry about the fake ones.

Wii U Madden NFL 13

And sadly, there are no hockey games available, or even on the horizon. I believe the current line is that EA is waiting to see how Madden and FIFA do, meaning we likely wouldn’t see anything until NHL 14. Hell, we may be waiting that long for real hockey, so I guess even lockouts are “… in the game.”

But the beauty of all this is that I won’t need NHL hockey because video games are never on strike. They’re never locked out. If I want to kill a couple hours by flopping down in front of the TV, Trine 2 will keep me just as entertained as would the Minnesota Wild. That’s not to say I won’t welcome hockey back with open arms when the lockout lifts, but until then, my arms will be plenty busy holding up that new GamePad, thank you.

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