Silicon Knights must destroy all copies of its Unreal Engine games

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Silicon Knights recently lost a huge legal battle against Epic Games that dates back to 2007. In short, Silicon Knights argued that Epic withheld the latest version of the Unreal Engine to give its games such as Gears of War a competitive edge in the marketplace. Silicon Knights argued Epic’s delay caused the company to create its own engine, and delay production and promotion of its games. At the end of the day, Silicon Knights was ordered to pay epic over $9 million in damages in addition to destroying every copy of its games that contain the Unreal Engine code.

The ruling specifically states X-Men Destiny, Too Human, The Box/Ritualyst, The Sandman and Siren in the Maelstrom must be recalled and destroyed by December 10. Silicon Knights also has to remove all traces of Unreal Engine code from its own engine. Epic Games has the right to “independently verify that Silicon Knight’s game engine no longer contains any of Epic Games’s Licensed Technology.”

Epic Games can also examine all of Silicon Knights’ internal databases to make sure Silicon Knights complies with the judgment. To make things worse, Silicon Knights has to cover Epic Games’ expenses while it conducts its search.

Source [Justia]

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