Help the Red Cross assist Superstorm Sandy victims by buying a Cinder Kitten

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Activision and Blizzard Entertainment are providing aid to the people affected by Superstorm Sandy the best way they know how, with kittens! With a new variety of kitten called a Cinder Kitten, to be exact. The Cinder Kitten is the latest World of Warcraft pet and if you buy one, all your money is going to the Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy disaster relief.

As you can see, the Cinder Kitten is a schmoopie of a fire kitten. He (or she) wears a little helmet and shoulder guards and will bring World of Warcraft players happiness, luck and the ability to kill stuff with fire. Naturally, I’m just assuming the last two parts are true. How could a precious baby like that not make you more lucky and be a good fighter? He can’t.

The Cinder Kitten is not yet available in the World of Warcraft Pet Store. It should be in a few weeks, so get ready to grab one and love it up. It isn’t even that expensive, as it only costs $10.

Man, that Cinder Kitten is irresistibly cute. Know how you can tell? I’m ready to buy one and I don’t even play World of Warcraft.

By the way, people who want to donate to the Red Cross to assist their Hurricane Sandy relief efforts and don’t play World of Warcraft can go directly to the American Red Cross website. Any amount you donate helps make a difference.

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