22Cans is now accepting donations to make Curiosity better

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Curiosity‘s bugs and server issues are ongoing. 22Cans has been working to correct some of the biggest issues such as disappearing coins and server disconnects. In response to these issues, Curiosity players have volunteered to donate money to 22Cans to help them keep the experiment running as smoothly as possible.

A PayPal donation button has been placed on the 22Cans website. 22Cans promises every bit of the money it receives will go towards improving Curiosity.

So what went wrong? Basically, 22Cans expected a few thousand participants in the Curiosity experiment. The team was caught off guard when the number of players quickly increased to well over 100,000. Considering how small 22Cans is, it is taking a while for all the major issues to be corrected.

22Cans also released a video explaining what’s going on inside the studio as the team works to fix Curiosity. The video wraps up with Peter Molyneux expressing his confidence in the team’s solution. You can see the video below.

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