Don’t Starve beta comes to Steam, pre-purchase orders are 20% off

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We’ve got two pieces of news concerning Don’t Starve. First, Don’t Starve won’t out of beta until early 2013. Secondly, the beta version is available on Steam for anyone to play. It’s not free, so you’ll have to pre-purchase the game for $11.99 to get into the beta. You’re also getting a second copy of the game for that price. All in all, it’s a good deal.

If you already purchased the game through other means, you can still get a Steam key by going through the options menu in the Google Chrome version’s menu. It’s all outlined here.

Don’t Starve is only available for Windows through Steam at the moment. Klei hasn’t ruled out a Mac version, but it wants to finish up on PC first.

Source [Steam]

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