First Wii U eShop details released

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As the run-up to the Wii U launch continues, one of the many things left to know about is the various online features thereof.

Earlier this week, Nintendo revealed that its Nintendo Network ID system (and related Miiverse functionality) would be the successor to the friend code system as originally reported not too long ago – and now we have official information regarding the eShop functionality.

As we already knew, Nintendo will be rolling out its eShop services for Wii U right from the beginning as part of its day one system update download, with only your Nintendo Network ID required to purchase content and store purchasing information (with sharing available between every user on a given Wii U console unit). In other words, unlike the 3DS when eShop services which weren’t ready at launch, Nintendo will be providing service right from the beginning. The functionality within the eShop itself, on the other hand, is just now being revealed with word that its functionality is primarily designed for touch functionality via the GamePad. This means big, bold readouts and a navigation menu on the left side to make navigation as easy as possible.

There are other notable aspects of the Wii U eShop, as well. For instance, you can download game demos and purchase full games, much like with the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and 3DS. And also like with the Xbox 360, you don’t even have to leave your game to fetch the latest downloadable content expansions . You will apparently be able to access an eShop interface to purchase whatever DLC you want to add without having to junk any of your game progression that may be in progress thanks to Wii U’s hefty memory pool. Player ratings submitted via Miiverse will also be in effect to help with decision making that will help you know if the community recommends (or disowns) certain portions of eShop content before you buy.

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