Your Wii U idle time may cost you game progress

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Of all the sticky situations that may pop up when playing today’s video game titles, none is more frustrating than losing your place in a given objective and having to redo the entire mission, level, etc. from the very beginning.

And, according to IGN, the Wii U is about to make that frustration look a whole lot worse.

That’s because Nintendo’s Wii U game console comes with an idle time auto-shutoff feature that, by default, comes preset to initiate system shutdown after a very short period of idle time. (You’ll be able to find out about this from the system’s operations manual, of course, but who reads those anymore?) And, unfortunately, that idle time includes game pause time. So if you’re stuck on a tricky mission in Assassin’s Creed III, for example – and it takes you 90 minutes or more to reference a walkthrough guide for the answer – then tough luck to you, ’cause your Wii U has already initiated shutdown, dumping your progress into the void along with it.

Fortunately, it’s possible to adjust this timeout period within the system options, so you could easily extend this to three hours, two hours, four hours, etc. if necessary. In fact, you can even turn off the functionality should you want to, though I doubt that Nintendo would let something like that result in a complete system meltdown comparable to that of the infamous “red ring” issue that plagued early Xbox 360 units. Even so, you’d probably expect that someone would at least have set a longer default timeout for this feature (or better yet, allow users to set it themselves during out-of-box setup), but this is just wrong to set such a limit, or don’t you think?

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  • Kirk Hiner

    What kind of walkthrough takes 90 minutes to read? Cripes. Long enough for dinner should be fine.

  • Jeffrey Davis

    Actually, that’s just one hypothetical scenario out of several hundred. I should also note – and perhaps maybe should have touched on this as well at the time of my report – that it could just as easily happen if you had to step away to deal with an emergency situation, or if you suddenly had to go through a crapload of important email messages at a rather inopportune time.

    As for the walkthrough look-up example, it could still potentially take a bit of time if it’s in printed form (e.g. one of the Brady/Prima variety, and you turn to the wrong page by mistake). Some people still go for these guides, even in this day and age (or as of the last time I checked, at least). Of course, there could very well be a classic Virtual Console game (or a favorite from the original Wii) where the Wii U browser isn’t an option without leaving the current session. You can serve to correct me if I’m wrong after the Wii U is released of course, but it could very well be the case if the Wii U/Wii backward compatibility is anything like what the 3DS does for DS/DSi software, and I know about that one from experience.