Beat Hazard Ultra beta is now available for Android

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Beat Hazard is one of those games that has been released on just about every major platform. The Android faithful out there will be happy to know this flashy, music-driven shooter is nearing its release on Android. Cold Beam Games is offering a beta version of Beat Hazard Ultra for Android on its site free of charge. Just make sure you put a nice variety of music on your device before jumping in.

Beat Hazard Ultra utilizes your music library to dictate what happens on the screen. For example, if you’re playing a super fast heavy metal song, you’ll get a lot of enemies, bosses, powerups and enough colors to rival a top notch fireworks display. In fact, this game can get so overwhelming with multicolored flashes, it comes with a seizure warning.

If you don’t have any music on your device, you can choose from a couple pre-loaded tracks and a couple internet radio station. You can’t stream music from your Google Music account though.

Since this is a beta, some things aren’t working yet. You can only play through 50% of a song, the perks don’t save after quitting the game and some modes are not functional. It’s still really fun though. I suggest you give it a shot.

Source [Cold Beam Games] Read [Android Police]

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