RIM seeks game developers for its BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon

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RIM has a lot riding on its upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform. BlackBerry 10 is scheduled for release in 2013, and RIM needs developers to jump on board right now. The company’s latest promotion is geared specifically towards game developers. On November 16, RIM is hosting a 36-hour event called the BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon. As the name suggests, RIM wants developers to port their games to BlackBerry 10.

So why would a game developer spend their time developing for a platform that has a greater chance at failing than succeeding? Well, it’s all about the incentives. RIM is paying developers $100 for each game that gets approved during the event. RIM will also give developers a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet if they get between two and five games approved. On the high end of getting more than 10 games approved, the first 10 developers will get $100 for each game, a BlackBerry PlayBook, a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Device and a trip to GDC in March.

If those incentives don’t seem like they’ll be worth the effort, RIM also offered another deal last May. RIM promised developers would make $10,000 within one year if their app made it to BlackBerry App World. If the app doesn’t make $10,000, RIM will pay the developer the difference.

Source [Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog]

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