Atelier Totori Plus for Vita includes DLC characters

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Atelier Totori Plus: The Apprentice of Arland is out in Japan on November 29, 2012, which means we’re learning more and more about what makes the portable Vita release better than the original PS3 release. We already know there will be some minor touch screen and touchpad controls, Atelier Rorona‘s Orthogalaxen dungeon has returned and there re costumes for Totori, but now we’re getting information on meatier inclusions. For example, all three DLC characters are automatically included in the game.

With the original Atelier Totori, people had to pay extra to make Totori’s sister Ceci and the returning characters Cordelia and Iksel playable party members. Atelier Totori Plus has all three immediately included, so there’s no need to make sure your PSN wallet has an extra $5.98 in it for the extra characters. It is unknown if Atelier Totori Plus will include the other Atelier Totori DLC, that is the five background music packs, background music change mode or model viewer.

NIS America still hasn’t made any statement about whether or not it will bring Atelier Totori Plus to North America. Hopefully, it will, because we seriously need some on-the-go alchemising. I mean, the translation is already done and we could use another awesome Vita game in early 2013.

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