Combiform shows off a detachable cross-platform controller on Kickstarter

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Combiform is making its second attempt at Kickstarter success. Combiform is made up of four square controllers that can be combined to initiate different features within games that support it. Combiform needs $90,000 to bring the controller to market, and has raised a little over $1,300 so far.

Combiform is not a third-party controller for consoles. It lives within its own ecosystem with games that can be created for PC, Mac, iOS and Android by using the Combiform SDK. What the controllers are capable of depends entirely on the games it controls. In its Kickstarter video, Combiform showed an aircraft shooting game for two players. By attaching two Combiform controllers together (they’re magnetized), the two planes combine into a more powerful unit. The players then have to work together to control the improved plane. There’s also a grip under the Combiform controllers that should make detaching and reattaching easy.

To me, Combiform is a cross between a toy and a casual video game. It’s designed to get people playing with each other by encouraging physical contact. Combiform has until December 17 to receive funding, and we’ll be checking in to see how well it’s doing.

Source [Kickstarter]

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