Motley Blocks makes its Android debut in the Amazon Appstore

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Earlier this year at E3, I played a Square Enix game called Motley Blocks while waiting for a Tomb Raider presentation to start. I almost completely lost track of time while playing this game on an iPad. Fast forward five months, and my free time is in jeopardy once again. Motley Blocks is now available as a free download for Android devices through the Amazon Appstore.

The basic premise of Motley Blocks hasn’t changed since June. The goal is to trace a line through blocks of similar color while they rotate around the screen. You have to clear all the blocks within three laps to complete the stage. When you’re done, the blocks will reform into a pixelated object such as an animal, people or food.

At E3, I was under the impression that Motley Blocks wouldn’t be free. Square Enix decided to scrap a one-time fee in favor of in-game purchases. By clearing blocks, you earn currency that you can spend to acquire powerups and unlock different levels. You are also required to register an account for Motley Blocks in order to unlock all of its features.

I’m not a fan of this new freemium approach to Motley Blocks, but the core gameplay is as fun as I remember.

Download Link [Amazon Appstore]

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