Vergil’s Downfall makes Vergil playable in DMC: Devil May Cry

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People familiar with Capcom shouldn’t be surprised to know that if they want to play as Vergil in DMC: Devil May Cry, they’ll have to pay for him. See, players’ problem is that they let Capcom know they wanted the ability to play as Vergil, because then that made Capcom think they’d be willing to either pre-order or pay for that honor. With that, the Vergil’s Downfall DMC: Devil May Cry DLC was born.

The Vergil’s Downfall chapter of DMC: Devil May Cry focuses solely on Vergil. It looks like it chronicles his descent into darkness. (Including “downfall” in the title is a pretty clear indicator) and the first trailer shows Vergil using his swords against plenty of monsters. It seems like players will get to assist Vergil in his quest to accumulate power in Vergil’s Downfall. It’s all very mysterious, as all we know about Vergil’s Downfall essentially stems from this trailer.

Vergil’s Downfall has four difficulty levels, leaderboards, unlockables and I’m going to hazard a guess and say there may even be achievements/trophies attached.

As I’ve said, there are two ways to get the Vergil’s Downfall post-launch DLC. One is to commit to DMC: Devil May Cry by pre-ordering the game from GameStop. (That’s EBGames for our friends in Canada.) The other is to wait until Vergil’s Downfall appears on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Live and pay $8.99/720 Microsoft Points. Decide if you think it’s worth it while watching the Vergil’s Downfall trailer Capcom prepared.

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