Lone Survivor will soon be a PS3 and PS Vita game

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I got a real surprise today, one that will probably surprise (and delight) you too. It turns out Lone Survivor, the indie horror-adventure game from Jasper Byrne and Superflat Games, is going to be ported to the PS3 and PS Vita by Curve Studios. It’s fantastic news and completely unexpected. I guess it shouldn’t be such a surprise, because Sony does have quite a few indie darlings on the PS3. I guess it’s perhaps because it’s not the kind of game I’d expect to play on a console or handheld after experiencing it on a Vita.

Apparently, Jasper Byrne did always imagine Lone Survivor as a console game though, because he said so in the announcement. He also said that it will have French and German translations, to make it more user-friendly when its released in Europe.

In case you haven’t heard of or played Lone Survivor yet, it is set in a post-apocolyptic world where almost everyone has turned into a monster because of a plague. The player’s avatar character may be the only healthy man left. He’s kept to himself in his apartment, living off of supplies, but as the game begins supplies run out and he must leave his safehouse to find more supplies or possibly other survivors. Players must decide how he interacts with the outside world and what he should or shouldn’t do, as the character needs to eat to survive and either fight or avoid enemies. Players’ actions will also result in different endings.

The port of Lone Survivor doesn’t have a release window or price yet. We also don’t know if any cross-buy promotion will be in effect. Even if I won’t get copies of it for my PS3 and Vita at the same time if I pick it up, I think I still may need to get it. I get this feeling it would be absolutely fantastic to play in a dark room at midnight on my Vita.

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