Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition packs $100 worth of goodies in a survival tin

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As expected, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider reboot is getting a special edition release. Don’t even pretend to be surprised. We all know by now that any AAA release is going to have a limited edition that will be between $20-40 more than usual in the hopes people will be willing to pay even more money for minor extras they might quite possibly forget about within six months of buying it. Naturally there will be a $99.99 Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition to stand alongside the $59.99 standard edition when the game launches on March 5, 2013.

Since the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition is over $79.99, it means people get physical and digital bonuses. The physical bonuses are the real selling point in this pack, with the Lara Croft Play Arts -KAI- figure being the main draw. This is an 8″ articulated figure of Lara as she appears in Tomb Raider. She can be posed however you like and includes three sets of hands so people can pose her holding her included bow and arrow, ice axe, handgun and shotgun. It’s a nice figure, but I think it makes Lara look older than she does in the game.

The other Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition items aren’t nearly as spectacular. The three, iron-on Animal Instinct, Climbing Axe and Fire Arrow Experience Shield patches, Survivalist Cut version of the Tomb Raider soundtrack, 5″ x 7″ Lara Croft lithograph and Survival Tin box round out the physical extras. The only digital bonus is a Weapons Pack DLC add-on that gives Lara some unnamed, extra in-game weapons.

I suppose the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition isn’t a terrible deal. I’ve been checking on Play Arts -KAI- figure prices and it seems they start at $49.99 (say the Dissidia: Final Fantasy Cloud figure) and can cost as much as $69.99 (Dante or Vergil from Devil May Cry 3). So people getting the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition can pretend they’re just paying for the game and the figure, and then getting the soundtrack sampler, lithograph, DLC and patches for free.

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