Opinion: Black Ops II’s Pick 10 System is the loadout of the future

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The revolutionary features in gaming quickly leave the title of their origin, spreading like wildfire through good games and incompetent imitations alike.

After God of War, for example, we saw an explosion of quick-time events that still haven’t ended. Resident Evil 6 actively tried to kill it with horrible execution but quick time is here to stay. Gears of War gave us the addictive Horde mode, some form of which appears in every shooter now.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II‘s Pick 10 loadout system is going to be one of these.

Each weapon, attachment or perk you add to your character has a cost. You can choose which things are must haves and which you can live without. Not using your grenades? Don’t take any, and use the points for more weapon attachments. Would you like more perks? You can double up if you are willing to pay the points.

Robert Sanchez, 3D producer for Black Ops II, told OXM Magazine he doesn’t even carry a primary weapon. Rather, he uses six perks, a combat knife and a combat axe. It sounds crazy. Heck, it is crazy. But that’s the kind of stuff you can do.

The amount of combinations here are mind boggling.  In a round of Team Deathmatch, it’s entirely probable that not a single player in the battle will have the same setup.

I can’t wait to see the strategies that will evolve. I can’t wait to hear what loadouts the best players are using. And I can’t go back to any other game in the Call of Duty lineage. Treyarch has gone from the “off-year developer” to the new standard bearer for CoD. The first game to “borrow” this system should be the next Modern Warfare. The last game to use it? We probably won’t see that coming for a long time. Resident Evil 7 might sign up for it.

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