Navy SEALs in trouble over Medal of Honor: Warfighter involvement

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EA’s underperforming Medal of Honor franchise has angered the military again. Medal of Honor: Warfighter has gone from bad game to full-fledged national security risk.

Seven US Navy SEALs received discipline for being paid consultants on the game. Four other team members who have since transferred are also under investigation.

The consultants reportedly used classified information while working on the game. Navy SEALs are also expected to stay out of the spotlight. The seven men received letters of reprimand, which generally end any chance of promotion. They also lost half their pay for two months.

Is the old double standard between movies and video games in play here? Several Navy SEALs appear in the film “Act of Valor.” There are two upcoming movies about SEAL Team Six, the men who took out Osama bin Laden. EA designers didn’t use bin Laden because that mission was “off limits” (that is, unless you’re making a movie). “Act of Valor” began as a recruiting film. The America’s Army games receive support from the United States military. The only difference seems to be that the U.S. military signed off on those.

Medal of Honor has been better at yielding trouble than profit for EA. In 2010, the inclusion of the Taliban as a playable force made headlines. The game drew average reviews and sales. Warfighter’s reviews have been dismal. EA may lose as much an estimated 100 million on the title. This soldier is probably going before a firing squad.

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