Akaneiro: Demon Hunters beta gets its first update

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Akaneiro: Demon Hunters entered closed beta earlier this month. The first wave of players have submitted enough feedback for Spicy Horse Games to update the beta to version 1.0.1. As a result, everyone’s progress has been wiped, and we’re free to experience all the changes for ourselves.

I played a little differently this time around by choosing to play as a female demon hunter who specialized in traps and ranged combat. One of the first things I noticed is players are no longer given immediate access to several attacks from different classes. You start off with one special attack and have to acquire new attacks. It feels like you’re really starting at level 1 as opposed to being an overpowered tank.

Spicy Horse also dramatically decreased the number of loot enemies dropped. You still can’t see the stats of the items before you pick them up, but hopefully that will be addressed in a future update.

If you want to try this game, sign up for the beta and cross your fingers you’ll get in.

Source [Spicy Horse Games]

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