Tell Marvelous you want Half Minute Hero 2

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Marvelous AQL hasn’t given up on Half Minute Hero. That’s the quirky game where players step into the shoes of an RPG hero and proceed to save the world from a overlord within 30 seconds. It’s really good and not as difficult as it sounds. Despite the quality, the sequel was never released outside of Japan. Marvelous AQL is hoping to change that though. Just as the original Half Minute Hero came to Steam, the company wants to release Half Minute Hero 2 outside of Japan too. All it needs is gamers’ feedback to determine if it is worth the effort.

Here’s how you show your support or lack of support, if you want to burst other peoples’ bubbles. You just take Marvelous AQL’s Half Minute Hero 2 survey. It’s really short, as all you have to do is answer one question, “Would you buy Half-Minute Hero 2 (Yūsha 30 Second) if released in the West?” Answer yes, maybe or no and you’re done. If you really want to help, you can share the survey with friends to make them answer as well in the hopes enough votes come in saying yes.

From what I’ve heard, Half Minute Hero 2 was better than the original game. It focused solely on the Hero 30 mode, but offers five different scenarios that have different stars and eventually tie together. It also has more of a story than the original game. The best part is, Half Minute Hero 2 had an edit mode where you could make your own level to share with other players.

Unfortunately, when Marvelous is talking about releasing Half Minute Hero 2, the company is referring to a PC port and not the original PSP game. It’s tragic, because I could really use some Half Minute Hero 2 on my Vita. Still, go take the survey, be honest and let Marvelous AQL know what you think.

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