Vita firmware 2.00 adds PlayStation Plus, email app and wireless PC to Vita transfers

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You didn’t forget us Sony! I was a little worried you had forgotten about all us loyal Vita owners, after promising PlayStation Plus in November 2012. I mean, it’s already the 13th after all. But you didn’t forget your promise and the dawn of a glorious era is in sight. On November 19, 2012, we’ll be able to enjoy PlayStation Plus on our handhelds as well as our consoles. Oh, and we’ll also get the incredible Vita firmware 2.00 update that makes PlayStation Plus and a bunch of other great upgrades available.

Vita firmware 2.00 is one of those firmware updates you’ll be glad to endure, because you’ll get so much back in return. Most importantly is PlayStation Plus on the Vita. This is because Sony has revealed what the initial Vita PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection will include when the service launches on November 20, 2012. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio HD, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and WipEout 2048 will be our six free games. That is just ridiculous. Incredible, but at the same time incredibly ridiculous because all six of those games are fantastic. Vita owners will also have the option to apply automatic updates, upload game save files to the cloud and sync trophies if they have PlayStation Plus.

The firmware 2.00 update also has some other awesome features that make it worth updating for people who don’t have PlayStation Plus but own a Vita. The best addition is an email client. An app will be available for accessing email so you don’t have to try and use the built-in web browser to do so. The web browser will be optimised again, to make it more user friendly. Finally, and this is another biggie, people who like to transfer content between their Vita and their PC won’t have to hunt for cords anymore. There will be an option to perform wireless data transfers between the handheld and your computer after this update.

So there you go – Vita firmware 2.00 is clearly fantastic. If you want to grab a PlayStation Plus membership card now so you’re prepared to enter it next week, I wouldn’t blame you. A one year membership is $49.99 and a three month membership is $17.99. The Instant Game Collection games are only available to you while you’re a member, but any games you buy with a PlayStation Plus discount are yours to keep forever.

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