Game Music Bundle 4 contains at least five soundtracks for $1

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Every now and then, we’re hit with a pay-what-you-want bundle for video game soundtracks. Today kicked off the debut of the Game Music Bundle 4. For the next seven days, just $1 can net you five full soundtracks for Retro City Rampage, Spelunky, Indie Game: The Movie, Dear Esther and Shoot Many Robots.

If you choose to pay at least $10, you’ll get Joypad Powerup, Kanto Symphony EP, Adventures in Pixels, Jottobots and the main theme from Skyrim. The Skyrim theme is quite impressive because it was created with one vocalist and one violin. So all in all, you’ll get nine albums and one awesome yet highly complicated track.

Those who contribute much higher amounts will be eligible to receive vinyl copies of Indie Game: The Movie, Zelda: Twilight Symphonic or Retro City Rampage.

Source [Game Music Bundle]

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