Don’t Starve beta updated with new hats, features and more

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The cool thing about playing the Don’t Starve beta is you always know when the next update will be just by starting up the game. The next update will be released 14 days, but the latest update was released today for the Steam and Google Chrome versions. It brings some new features, new items and some general fixes.

The new items you can craft include feather hats and miner hats, new birds appear based on where you are on the map and a new creature called The Gobbler has emerged. You can also fish in the seemingly bottomless ponds, preview structures before you build them and import your Chrome profile into your Steam game.

It’s not all favorable changes though. You can’t stand too close to your campfires anymore, gold isn’t as plentiful and the number of identical items you can carry has been decreased. You win some and you lose some I suppose.

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