Wii U Countdown: 4 days, and won’t somebody think of the children?

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LEGO City Undercover

Yesterday, I posted an article explaining why I’m likely not going to be buying Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, to which a bunch of people commented that I must be an idiot. This is true, I kind of am, as evidenced by the fact that I once wore a SCUBA diving suit as a Halloween costume. Gentlemen, if you want to make sure you have no chance of success with the ladies at a Halloween party, I suggest you dress up in a synthetic rubber wetsuit in a hot, crowded room and take with you all the smells that this will quickly entail.

After reading through and replying to these comments, it occurs to me that maybe I’m taking the wrong approach to determining which game(s) to get with my Wii U on Sunday. I’ve been considering Mass Effect 3, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, and ZombiU, all of which are violent, single player experiences. But the kids play the Wii as much as I do. More, when Adventure Time is in reruns. So should I be looking at something else? Will Nintendo Land be enough?

I’ve been banking that it will be, but perhaps I should line up another kid-friendly title. The obvious choice would be New Super Mario Bros. U, but Mario games tend to create conflicts within the Family Von Hiner. My wife grew up on Mario. She’s kicks ass. It frustrates her to have to play with me. When the kids play together, the girl and the boy take different approaches. The girl wants to collect everything she can. To the boy, the game is a constant speed run. The combination is as incompatible as a neoprene wetsuit and human skin at a three hour Halloween party.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed could be a decent choice, but you know how I feel about racing games. My wife feels the same. So, you’ve just got the boy and the girl playing, and there goes family game night. Should I therefore look a little deeper into Scribblenauts Unlimited? I’d like to, but it only supports two player co-op. Skylanders Giants? I prefer to avoid games based on a toy line. Rabbids Land? I don’t find them nearly as cute as some people do, but I’m going to keep it on the short list…it looks oddly intriguing.

Can I mute them, though? Their voices are the stuff of nightmares.

Thankfully, things get a bit more definitive in the coming months. We’ll own LEGO City Undercover the moment it hits stores, and would have it this Sunday if it’d been available. Game & Wario should be a hoot, and there’s always Rayman Legends, even if that presents the same problems as New Super Mario Bros. U.

Oh, and let’s not forget The Wonderful 101:

So, it looks like there’ll be plenty to keep the kids (and their parents, in most cases) quite entertained. Hopefully some of these games drop before Christmas. If not, it looks like Nintendo Land will have to suffice…or maybe the Sonic game. Fine. Whatever. You talked me into it.

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  • Jenni Lada

    Skylanders Giants is a surprisingly awesome game. You really only need 8 Skylanders to play (one of each “type”). It’s only 2 player coop though for the story mode.

  • Justin

    Think about the children? Lol, they finally are getting good games on a Nintendo consoles. COD, ME and VIOLENT M rated games. I’d prefer shooting than jumping on turtles….
    Of course online to but I think people cussing and all that are a tad bit to “much” for your kids, am I right?

  • HardcoreNintyFan

    Well if you’re getting a deluxe Wii U bundle then you already get Nintendo Land as part of the bundle. If not that would probably make for a great family game. Or why not look into Just Dance 4? That is a 5 player game. 4 people dance and then the 5th person uses the GamePad to be the Puppet Master. The Puppet Master controllers the style of dance throughout the song. They showed that off at e3, and it looked like they where having to much fun with it up on stage.