SingStar comes to North America for free on PSN

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Our European friends were the first to receive a free version of SingStar in October. In North America, Tuesday’s PlayStation Store update granted us with that same privilege. As with the European version, Singstar is free to download, but only contains a few demo songs to start. You’ll have to purchase additional songs from the SingStore for the full experience.

The cool thing about SingStar is that you can pull out old PS2 discs of the game and load them into your PS3. Doing this will stream songs from the disc, so you won’t have to purchase them again. However, you can’t transfer those songs to your PS3’s hard drive. Legal issues prevent Sony from accommodating that feature.

Sony also released the SingStar Remote for the PSP and Vita. SingStar Remote lets you create playlists for the PS3 through Remote Play. Time to dust off those old Guitar Hero mics.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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