Vita, iOS and Android gamers can enter Tokyo-to with Jet Set Radio HD in November

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The Jet Set Radio HD delay is finally over. To be more specific, the handheld delay is over. Jet Set Radio has already found its way onto the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC again. It just took a while longer to get it onto the iOS and Android devices and the Vita. Probably because the both had extra control schemes and such that needed a little extra love. The good news is, everyone will be skating around Tokyo-to tagging before November ends.

The Vita version of Jet Set Radio HD will arrive first. It’s coming to the PlayStation Store on November 20, 2012. The good part is, Vita owners who subscribe to the PlayStation Plus service will be able to get Jet Set Radio HD for free. It is going to be part of the launch Instant Game Collection for the system. People will be able to call dibs on it until December 31, 2012. After that, it will be removed as an Instant Game Collection game, but any PlayStation Plus member who “claimed” it before that time will be able to access it for free so long as they are a member of the service.

People with iOS or Android devices will have to wait about two more weeks to play Jet Set Radio HD. Sega’s scheduled it for a simultaneous release on November 29, 2012. That’ll be a good day to check iTunes or Google Play. Just be aware that the tablet/smartphone versions have a virtual controller, so you’ll need to make some “adjustments” and may even have to relearn how to play.

Prices for the release are currently unavailable. We’ll have to wait until the game launches to find out what we’ll have to pay. Not that it matters to PlayStation Plus members, seeing as how they’re getting the game for free.

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