11 bit studios releases Sleepwalker’s Journey for iOS and Android

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11 bit studios, developers of Anomaly Warzone Earth, released its latest game for iOS and Android today called Sleepwalker’s Journey. Sleepwalker’s Journey was one of three new games the developer announced in August along with Funky Smugglers and Anomaly KoreaSleepwalker’s Journey can be purchased for $0.99 on Android, and $1.99 for the HD version on iOS.

Sleepwalker’s Journey is a puzzle platformer that makes you the guardian of a character named Moonboy. Moonboy sleeps on the moon, but is thrown from his bed when the moon sneezes. Moonboy is a very heavy sleeper because he never woke up from that experience. However, Moonboy does show some sign of life by sleepwalking. As guardian, you have to manipulate the environment to direct Moonboy back to his bed. You’ll be raising platforms, turning on fans and shooting Moonboy out of cannons in order for him to reach the end of each level.

We’re doing a review on Sleepwalker’s Journey soon, so look out for that.

Download Links [Android] [iTunes]

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