The Walking Dead Episode 5 wraps up the season on November 20

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Well folks, this is it. The thrilling conclusion to Telltale’s first story within The Walking Dead universe is nearly here. Episode 5, No Time Left, will be released on the PlayStation Network in North America on November 20. European PSN users will get the game on November 21 along with Xbox Live, PC, Mac and iOS users. 

The Walking Dead is some of Telltale’s finest work. We can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the final episode. This episode will most certainly bring our decisions to a head. Episode four ended with characters deciding whether they wanted to support Lee’s search for Clementine, and their presence (or lack thereof) should have a meaningful impact on the final episode.

Let’s just hope this thing doesn’t end with Clementine surrounded by walkers before the The Walking Dead logo suddenly pops up on the screen. That would be… not good.

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