Wii U Countdown: 2 days, and it’s starting to get real

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The good folks at Ubisoft must’ve read about my fabricated concern for the children of those us picking up the Wii U Sunday, as a review unit of Rabbids Land arrived here at scenic GamerTell Towers today.

Rabbids Land for Wii U

Apparently, it’s “the perfect party game.” Lofty ambition, but I’m eager to find out come Sunday afternoon. Unless they mean that it’s a game for perfect parties, not a perfect game for parties. If the former, I need not play it, because no party can be perfect when I’m there. Not trying to be maudlin, I just know my limits. I’m not Louie, after all.

Either way, here I am with a game and nothing to play it on. Reminds me of when I started buying DVDs before I owned a DVD player. I distinctly recall my first two purchases: Flash Gordon and Starship Troopers. If either of those were Wii U launch day games, there’d be no doubt as to what games I’d be buying.

More review units are likely to arrive soon. I know someone here at GamerTell Towers already has Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, so you can watch for that review soon, too. Personally, I’m holding out for the Game of the Year Edition of that.

But anyway, now that Rabbids Land looks to be my first review, I figured I’d bust it open to check the instructions and figure out what’s going on. Ends up I didn’t need to bother:

Rabbids Land for Wii U

That is literally it, aside from a disclaimer that there is an e-manual within the game. Okay, fair enough. Considering Rabbids Land is mainly a collection of quick mini-games ala Mario Party, a printed manual wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. And this way, I can learn about the game along with my family as we play it Sunday afternoon.

I did watch a rather lengthy walkthrough with the game’s lead designer, which was a good idea. First, because the dude’s French, and I dig the French. They gave us Amélie and Le Pact des Lupes, for which I’m in their dept. Second, because it does a good job of indicating how the game will use the Wii U GamePad for some unique gameplay. One of the more interesting mini-games involves the player with GamePad moving it around a mansion to locate ghosts that only he can see on the GamePad screen. He must then tell the other player where the ghost is, who has to find the location to quickly vacuum the ghost ala Luigi’s Mansion.

I’m a bit surprised, though, that the icons on the back of the box state that Rabbids Land requires the GamePad and a single Wii Remote + Nunchuck. Does this mean only two people can play at a time? Seems a bit odd for a party game, but I’ll withhold judgment until I see how it works.

Regardless, I’m now ready to go with at least Rabbids Land and Nintendo Land come Monday morning. I think there’s no more land that’ll need exploring, so I’m free to go wherever I want for the “mature” title. Two more full days to decide, so we’ll see what happens…or what store deals pop up to influence the decision.

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  • Jay

    Batman for Wii U is the GOTY edition I read it has the Harley Quinn DLC and all that. Its been fun counting down to Wii U launch with you.

  • Kirk Hiner

    Thanks, Jay. They’ve been fun to write.

    And yeah, the Wii U version of Arkham City will have more features, but I reviewed the OS X version of Arkham Asylum for Appletell, and will do the same for Arkham City. No need to play it twice across two systems.

    • Jeffrey Davis

      Agreement there, I must say about that. I mean, if it’s the same basic game overall then what’s the point there unless there are major differences?

      You could still do something for the Wii U version if you want to, if only to note how it works out with the GamePad’s second screen capability Just a suggestion of course, but I’ll give you the capacity to make that decision for yourself.

      • Kirk Hiner

        Actually, our editor-in-chief made that decision for me when he claimed the review unit! I only have that power over at Appletell.

        • Jeffrey Davis

          Okay, that makes sense now. Guess I should have dumped in that possibility the first time.

          On a separate note, I’m looking to check around my neighborhood to see what kind of local response there is regarding the Wii U if possible. After all, the local Best Buy did something for the original Wii if I remember correctly, and I’m sure that GameStop will probably end up doing something as well (based on some of the reports that are going around on Facebook). Plus, both stores (and also Walmart and Target) are within reasonable walking distance.

    • Jay

      Ahh Okay, Enjoy I bought the 360 version when it released. Great game still havent bought the DLC though.