iPad gaming update for November 19, 2012

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I hope you got to try Punch Quest for free while you still could because as of now it’s $0.99. Still worth it, although this begs the question of how exactly the game failed where others have succeeded? Perhaps it was the fact that the pay-for-items they offered were easily obtainable in-game. Whatever it was, we hope they can turn things around now.

If you can’t find a game that speaks to your digital wallet this week, then howabout reading up on Outlaw and Sushi Mushi to see if they are more for your palette? Otherwise, here’s this week’s selections:

What happens when atomic water bathing frogs lose their supply to robots? Atomic Frogs is the $1.99 answer. Use the army of exploding frogs to your advantage through 80 levels of puzzle solving fun. Post your scores to Facebook or connect up to Game Center to take on your friends.

NightmareHD is a $3.99 fighting game built off the Unreal 3 engine. Featuring four character choices to fight ten characters in touch-control based combat, this game promises to test the limits of what iOS devices can do.

Beatdown! is a $0.99 retro-style brawler or beat’em up. Follow the journey of a wrongfully terminated employee pushed over the edge as he tries to fight his way to the man in charge. Packed with 5 bosses across 20 levels, three control schemes, iCade and Joypad support, iCloud save and Game Center support this could be the best $0.99 you spend all week.

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