iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for November 19, 2012

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Rumor out of China says that an iPhone 5S is on its way in first quarter of next year (2013). I don’t know how much stock one should put into such rumors but Apple has been press release happy at the tail end of this year so maybe another device around Spring of next year isn’t so crazy. That said, any update would have to be marginal at best and, honestly, I can’t really think of what they would update so soon so don’t panic yet.

If you can’t find a game that speaks to your digital wallet this week, then howabout reading up on Outlaw and Sushi Mushi? Here’s this week’s offerings:

Gear Jack is a pretty interesting platformer that follows the robot named Jack as it tries to save the ship from being destroyed inside a black hole. Players can customize Jack as they try to make it through 30 levels of platforming action and traps.

Verticus will be hailed forever as Stan Lee’s first iOS game. It’s a $1.99 action game of sorts, that has the superhero, Verticus, falling down to the core of our planet to take on the evil alien race, the Obliterators. Along the way you can collect different suits, as well as customize your current suit. Game Center support is also featured along with Stan Lee’s voice as the Commander.

A war rages on for the human world and your ship has just crashed. That’s the premise of War of Eclipse, a $0.99 retro-styled RPG. Build and customize your Battleship to fight the evil aliens and save the human world. There are 7 endings to experience as well as story background to uncover and even achievements for those who haven’t had enough unlocking fun.

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