Amazon Studios options a new show called ‘Gamers’

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Amazon Studios is a division of Amazon that you may not have heard of. Amazon Studios specializes in finding movie and series scripts that it can turn into entertainment you can watch. Recently, Amazon Studios offered $10,000 to option a series created by Gabriel Duran called Gamers.

Gamers is a comedy series that revolves around four friends that have recently graduated from college. According to the series synopsis, Gamers appears to specifically focus on Sam Clay, a man who has to balance the realities of his regular life with his gaming life. As a result, personalities clash and compromises are made. Here’s an excerpt from the synopsis:

Sam’s friends Kylie and Marty try to pull him deeper into Gamer-land, while his girlfriend Lucy attempts to normalize him. Sam and Lucy will tug and pull back and forth, usually ending up somewhere in the middle. Marty tries to gain some semblance of respect at work and from his friends. Kylie cycles through a series of jobs and relationships, disdainful towards everything besides her crew and her games. Tension rises between Kylie and Lucy over Sam’s attention, even as they form a tentative friendship. To his dismay, Sam finds it increasingly difficult
to keep his worlds separate, and to juggle the conflicting demands of everyone around him.

We’re assured that the gamers in this show won’t be stereotypical geeks with little to no social skills. They’re described as, “upper-middle class Jews from New England. Smart but not overly intellectual, up on pop-culture, mildly disdainful of athletics (and most other things), witty, just this side of straight-edge.”

We don’t know if or when Gamers will exit the development phase. If it does, we’ll be looking for it.

Source [Hollywonk]

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