The PlayStation Store welcomes Elminage Original on November 20

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Surprise PSP and Vita owners, you’re getting a new RPG next week. UFO Interactive, which secretly picked up Elminage Original with little to no fanfare, is displaying the same attitude when it comes to the release announcement. Which means if people hadn’t been paying attention, Elminage Original would have appeared on the PlayStation Store on November 20, 2012 with no advance warning.

Aside from this release date notifcation, we still haven’t heard much of anything about Elminage Original. UFO Interactive does have a page for it on its official website that offers a brief synopsis describing players quest to find reclaim rings while crawling through dungeons. On the plus side, earlier this week UFO Interactive stealthily released a trailer.

So, all we really know is that Elminage Original will be on the PlayStation Store next week. Maybe it’ll immediately work on a Vita, and maybe it won’t. We will just have to wait and see what happens next week. Considering how little UFO Interactive has done to promote it, I guess we should be glad we got a trailer and some forewarning that Elminage Original was on the way.

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