Target’s 2012 holiday game and tech gift cards

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This year there are a pair of non-standard holiday gift cards being offered by Target. OK, maybe one is really tech-ish and the other is more of a retro style game but, still, they are a bit more fun than ye olde flat plastic wallet filler.

With each of these cards, you can “order” them online with a minimum amount of $5 put on it.  In the store, you can put whatever you want on it although sometimes they ask a minimum amount for the nicer cards like these. I have yet to see these in a store but, as soon as I do, I will certainly grab them and try them out.

The first is the low-tech card, called the Reindeer Scrambler Gift Card. This one features the picture of a cartoon reindeer and a magnetic maze game. You use a magnet on a peppermint colored stick to guide tiny bells from the middle of his maze-like antlers to his collar.

It’s cute and will at least occupy a little guy sitting in the shopping card long enough for them to notice that you dashed past the Lego or Barbie aisle. Providing they don’t drop the tiny wand 1,000 times.

The second is a bit more impressive.

Called the Draw and Go Gift Card, it includes a min red marker (tagged “Target,” of course) and a little car toy shaped like a dog bone with Bullseye the Target mascot dog in the driver’s seat.

The instruction bubble for this gift card reads: “Draw a line and Bullseye follows.” It must be filled with magic, pixy dust or elf guts. It looks like it also includes a little map in the bubble packaging.

It’s cute, its simple and I want one.

I am a bit upset that Target has forsaken gamers and not included some type of video game themed card this year. There have been some pretty cool cards over the years. Check them out here:

Even so, no matter what the card looks like, any amount of money can be put toward some gaming goodness.

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