Wii U Countdown: Zero hour

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Seems like an awful long time since I got my first taste of Nintendo’s future at their E3 2011 press conference. But here we are on Nintendo Eve (or Nintendo EveU, if I want to try to be clever…and fail miserably). Internally, I’m laughing, because our editor-in-chief has to go stand outside of Walmart to get his Wii U this evening, while I’ll be up playing that final level of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance I started back on…what day was it? 22.

Tangent: I’ve played that game three times now, and I still haven’t been able to kill the Black Knight in Chapter 27. Next to that time I lost my bid for student council in 8th grade, I consider this my life’s greatest failure.

Anyway, P.J. will have his Wii U before me, so I guess that makes him the winner. I’ll be waiting until tomorrow at 11:00 am for GameStop to open. I did stop by today to pay it off and to check out the games that will be on sale…hoping that somehow the boxes would help me decide on which one to buy. I had ZombiU in one hand and Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper in the other, although I couldn’t actually buy Warriors because it doesn’t officially go on sale until the 18th.

Warriors Orochi 3: Hyper

So, I didn’t pick up either. Figure I’ll wait until all titles are on even ground…although I did find it odd that there must’ve been about 20 to 30 copies of ZombiU in the drawer behind the counter, and only one copy of Warriors. Should I buy it just to make it feel better? I’d hate for the comrades of the fellow above to have sacrificed in vain.

While there, the kids and I played Rayman Legends on the demo station.

Rayman Legends

I can now tell you unequivocally that I’m thrilled to see the Wii has finally gone high-def. It’s not because I felt 1080p was necessary to create a great game experience, but because I’m tired of making excuses for it. That stupid argument is now off the table, making it a bit easier to defend the Wii.

Also, high def kicks ass!

Anyway, the kids now want Rayman Legends, which doesn’t come out until March or something, so I brought them home to watch some trailers of the games that will be available. The girl got bored quickly and ran off to the house of that neighbor girl who’s always inviting herself to eat dinner with us…

“Sure, Gia, but we’re having chipped beef gravy on toast.”

“Oh, no thanks then. You’ve had that the last four times I’ve been over here.”

“Yeah. Funny, that.”

The boy watched some with me, selecting them from Nintendo’s Wii U Official Site. What we learned in this exercise is that Super Mario Bros. is crack cocaine, Darksiders II “… doesn’t make any sense,” we already have Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed on the iPad (now would all of you negative Nancies in the comments section please get off my back?), and that no amount of reasoning and calendar flipping will convince a six-year-old boy that his father is not a liar and that the game of which he played a demo will not, in fact, be available to purchase until next year.

So, I won’t be taking the kids with me to pick up the Wii U tomorrow. I’ll need a clear mind and no amount of whining if I pick a game too violent for them to play…because I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m going to do. As I mentioned on Day 19, Nintendo is bleeding for you. They opened the Wii U conversation with a presentation full of video games designed to appeal to hard core gamers, and although I still argue that blood/violence does not equal hardcore, such games may need to be successful if the Wii U is to make a significant dent in the gaming spectrum (and possibly turn the market around).

So, tomorrow afternoon it’ll be all Rabbids Land and Trine 2 here at the Family von Hiner’s. But after the kids are in bed and Tieraney and I have caught up on Saturday Night Live (is it new tonight?), I’ll be heading over to England to see if I can survive a zombie apocalypse.

Unless I change my mind.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me here, and for your comments. I hope you all enjoy the Wii U as much as I’m sure I will. Right now, though, I’m off to enjoy that final level of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

(Curse you, Black Knight. You will get your come-uppance…one day.)

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  • Rob

    Great post mate , you are very lucky to have the wii u. We over here in England have to wait till the 30th😞, I had the same reaction with my kids very funny , so iam now getting zombi u .

  • Steven

    Really enjoyed this article and the one about the gamecube. I LOVED the Gamecube and really don’t understand why it got such a bad rep. It had some amazing games and possibly the best controller ever made for a console. Very excited to get my WiiU but unlike you guys in the US, I have to wait until the 30th to get mine here in Ireland :(

  • Rob

    Still use my game cube , I’ve been doing resi 1 again loveing it soooooo much , iam 41 but my wife thinks iam 10, I think she is write there !!!!!!