Wii U Deluxe unboxing photo gallery

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Last night after picking up my pre-ordered Wii U, I brought it home and took a few photos while I unwrapped it.

Below is the complete photo gallery of the images that were not too blurry to share. I would have posted these sooner but it took a while to get the system set up (mostly because of updates) but more on that in my next, quick review post.

The contents of the Wii U Deluxe (32 GB, black) system include:

  • The 32 GB Nintendo Wii U game console (a.k.a. controller)
  • The Wii U GamePad (a.k.a. controller with touchscreen)
  • Two power cables (onme for the console and another for the GamePade)
  • A grey HDMI cable (nice that it matches)
  • A Wii sensor
  • A Wii U console  stand
  • A Wii U GamePad stand
  • A Wii U GamePad charge dock
  •  A Nintendo Land game disc in light blue box

It was all packed in pretty tight, as you’d expect, with the GamePad and console on one side (one pull-out cardboard block) and the cables and game in the other. Each of the two cardboard sections slid out on its own, making for very easy removal.

The Gamepad and the console were also wrapped in thin bubble plastic and taped, in much the same was the original Wii was covered. This helped prevent scratches from the cardboard during shipping.

All the cables were bound with black twist-ties and wrapped in plastic.

It all took only a couple minutes to unpack, untwist and unwrap. Setting up the console, likewise, did not take long. It was getting the system to launch all of its apps and update that took away my night hours. but that’s a topic or another post.

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