Inside the financials of Japan’s social gaming giant

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Earlier today, we looked at the Q2 2012 financials of DeNA’s Western gaming business. We learned DeNA’s Mobage platform brought in $30 million between April and September, and is expected to generate $60 million by the end of Q3. Mobage in the West is just one small part of DeNA. Let’s see how big this company really is.

In Q2 2012, DeNA reported a revenue of ¥50.3 billion. That roughly translates to over $615 million. DeNA doesn’t exclusively deal in games. DeNA also has an e-commerce business and a travel agency business. However, gaming is a huge part of the company. DeNA’s game-related revenue (“item billing, in-game ads, developer advertising and mixi mobile applications”) accounted for ¥42.2 billion, or over $517 million. Its e-commerce business accounted for ¥3.9 billion or over $49 million.

DeNA’s gaming business is on the rise. People really seem to love those Moba-coins. Interestingly enough, players with feature phones (not smartphones) historically used more Moba-coins than smartphone users. Smartphones recently overtook feature phones in Moba-coin usage, but DeNA is not backing down on feature phone support. In fact, it plans to enhance its browser-based games on feature phones.

If you’ve played Marvel: War of Heroes, you may have noticed that even though it’s an app, it looks and feels as if it’s meant to be played in browser. That’s because it is. However, DeNA plans on using HTML5 to make its browser games more attractive and app-like. It’s also going to improve smartphone games with 3D graphics and “quick interaction” gameplay styles. An example of this is an upcoming DeNA first-person shooter that will be released in Sweden.

That’s just a little insight into the company that continues to have some of the highest grossing games in Google Play. I just thought this information would be interesting to share.

Source [DeNA]

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