Turkey Stuffin’ mobile game offers a new spin on Thanksgiving stuffing

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Turkey Stuffin’ is by and far one of the more weirder games I have played.

The best comparison I can think of to describe it is those old Flash based games with the hamster and the blender or the frog in the microwave. It’s certainly not a game that takes itself seriously in the least. Instead, it  just offers some goofy fun.

The goal of the game is to stuff as much junk and food products into the animated turkey as possible. If you overstuff it, all of the items will literally be blown out of the turkey and you’ll earn a pound rating of 10. In my best attempt I managed 43.8 pounds but, according indiePub, their CEO currently has the high score in Game Center at 54.3 pounds (Editor’s Note: That high score is now a bit higher, set by one of company’s accountants).

The game goes a tad bit further with recipes you can unlock by combining certain items in your assault on the poor turkey such as using honey to unlock the “honey glazed” recipe.

It does feature Game Center support and achievements and is iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad universal. It is also available for Android through Google Play and Amazon’s Android Appstore.

If you are looking for a little something to get you in the mood for Thanksgiving or maybe you just want to take some of the Thanksgiving Day preparation frustration out on something, then the $0.99 Turkey Stuffin’ will do nicely.

It could certainly be used to keep rambunctious children preoccupied until dinner.

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